Saturday, May 14

Kattey Pass (5/14/22)

We set sail this morning around 7:30am from USF in downtown St. Pete. We have a long trek (about 36hrs) to get out to our first site, MVO2. We have predicted to get there around 11:30pm tomorrow night. So far today after taking a covid test to come aboard, we have been getting comfortable with living situations and meeting the crew. I personally have spent a lot of time above deck on the bow, looking out to sea and not knowing what’s to come. There was no turning back after we passed under the Skyway bridge. As we went onward, fishing boats started decreasing and deep blue waters started to increase. We’ve had numerous pods of dolphins put on a show by surfing at the front of our ship. As well as, flying fish gliding through the air as our ship pushes onward breaking the surface. Most of us have lost phone service a while ago, so creating our own fun as been the goal so far. Along with prepping for coring and water column, we have been giving our shift assignments. My shift is from midnight to noon, so throughout the day I’ve been taking naps in hopes to alter my seeping schedule. We plan to watch sunset and go out to look at the stars tonight. The food has been great! No one has yet to be sea sick, fingers crossed!

Down time while transiting out to our first site, Cassandra pictured “reading”…

(photo Kattey Pass)

Starboard side of the sun going down on the water (photo Kattey Pass)

This is me in the long lab writing this log entry

(photo Kattey Pass)

Stern of the boat showing the path we’ve traveled so far

(photo Kattey Pass)

Departing Bayboro (photo Bekka Larson)

In transit to first site (photo Bekka Larson)

Filtering sea water for radioisotope analyses. Left Patrick Schwing, Avi Kapuler, right Matt Monts (photo Bekka Larson)